Scaling Up to Better Blockchain

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As existing blockchain protocols are often overwhelmed showing extreme limitations, developers around the world are trying to figure out how to eventually push the tech to the next level of efficiency. Elrond team seems to know the answer.

Facebook Embraces Blockchain Allowing Ads Again

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According to the press release published by Facebook, the social media giant announced the upcoming changes of its ads policies, after analyzing the market and the regulatory measures taken by the Government in the last few months.

Major Players Discuss BTC Rollback Following an Alleged Exchange Hack

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The idea of rolling back the clock on cryptocurrency transactions to reverse a situation people are unhappy with is highly contentious. As such, many were shocked to hear that a number of major players in the industry had even discussed a rollback of BTC following an alleged exchange hack.

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Coinbase, Fidelity in 2-Horse Race to Acquire Xapo

Coinbase, Fidelity in 2-Horse Race to Acquire Xapo

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Cryptocurrency corporate giants Coinbase and Fidelity are reportedly neck to neck in a bid to buy out crypto wallet provider Xapo, according to blockchain media outlet The Block.